NTC MSP — leading manufacturer of neutralizers and mufflers in Russia

Satisfy the requirements of ISO 9001

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Today NTC MSP is the leading independent manufacturer of exhaust systems and catalist systems. We produce and purvey more than 800 000 units for the biggest automanufacturers of the Russian Federation annualy. The results of the hardwork of our specialists - scientists, engineers, investigators, analysts, production coordinators, logists, optimizers - are multiple innovative researches, solicitously kept quality, strict observing of the shipment terms and trust of our clients and partners.

Now NTC MSP is a large scientific and manufacturing enterprise, which successfully combine research labs and proper high-tech production. All our researches and products satisfy the requirements of international quality standart ISO 9001:2001 and international quality standart of automobile manufacturing ISO/TS 16949.

Our production covers all works on exhaust systems and neutalizers from creating of technology and multiple tests of the working model to the mass routine production of the separate components and building full operational systems. This fact grants the best price for our clients and allows us to guarantee the quality of our products at the every stage of their production.

The main goal for NTC MSP is helping our clients to create and equip ecologically clean, pollution-free, efficient, reliable, high-tech and widely available cars. We proudly interpret our work as a contribution to the social, ecological and economic safety of the society.

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